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Important Update to the Final Approval Hearing:

In response to health and safety concerns caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the statewide emergency orders, the court's general orders, and the adoption of Emergency Rule 3, the Court will be conducting certain civil hearings telephonically until further notice.

Therefore, this case is scheduled for TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE re : Motion for Final Approval/Motion for Attorney Fees on 07/08/20 at 8:30 a.m. Pacific in Department 6.

To appear by telephone, dial (213) 306-3065 or (844) 621-3956 (toll free), when prompted, enter:

Meeting Number: 803-052-139 #

Access Code: # (no number after the #)

Please MUTE your phone until your case is called and it is your turn to speak. It is important to note that you must call fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time to check in or there may be a delay in your case being heard.

There is no in person hearing—it is ONLY by phone. No one should go to the court house. Please be advised that if you go to the court house, you will miss the hearing by phone.

This website is for members who obtained Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) tax assessment financing through Renovate America, Inc.’s (“Renovate”) HERO Program. Your PACE assessment was authorized and financed by either Los Angeles County between January 1, 2012, and June 15, 2017, the Western Riverside Council of Governments between January 1, 2012, and July 7, 2016, or the San Bernardino Associated Governments between January 1, 2012, and June 15, 2017.

On November 1, 2016, three class action lawsuits were filed against Renovate that were later coordinated into one action before the Riverside County Superior Court and renamed In re Renovate America Finance Cases, Case No. RICJCCP4940. Those lawsuits, which have been amended over time, generally allege that Renovate’s HERO programs with Los Angeles County, the Western Riverside Council of Governments, and the San Bernardino Associated Governments failed to adequately disclose certain fees and interest associated with the HERO programs. The lawsuits allege that these disclosures, and the resulting receipt of those fees and interest, violated California’s Unfair Competition Law, as further described below. Renovate vigorously disputes all of these claims and does not believe that the HERO programs violated any law.

There is now a proposed class action Settlement in the matter. Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, Renovate has agreed to make a payment to each eligible Class Member.

The Court has not decided whether Renovate did anything wrong or whether to approve the Settlement. However, your legal rights are affected whether you act or don't act. Please review your rights below.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Lawsuit
Do Nothing

Await the outcome. Give up certain rights.

If the proposed Settlement is approved, you will receive a payment by mail. The parties estimate the average check will be approximately $20.


Write to the Court about why you don’t like the proposed Settlement.

You can use the prepared Objection Form, available here.

If the proposed Settlement is approved by the Court despite your objection, you will still receive a payment by mail.

Exclude Yourself.

Write to the Court and exclude yourself from this class action Settlement so that you may file an individual lawsuit.

You can use the prepared Exclusion Form, available here.

You will not receive any payment if the proposed Settlement is approved, but you will keep any rights to sue Renovate individually about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.